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Interdynamics LR-14 Air Conditioning High and Low Service Valve Leak Repair Kit - Pack of 1

by Interdynamics
(32 customer reviews)
List price: $24.08
Price: $4.09
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  • Includes replacement caps with O rings, valve cores and valve core tool
  • Fits all air conditioners
  • Professional grade

Customer reviews (see all 32 reviews)

Alright, September 3, 2011

I had to modify the tool to use on my 2003 Honda Odyssey, June 28, 2012
The tool used to remove/replace the valve on my low-side service port didn't fit. The diameter of the tool was too large. I had to use my benchtop grinder and grind down the Outside Diameter so that I could put the tool in far enough to remove the...

Does not fit Ford, May 30, 2013

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Season 4. Yo' Holmes to Bel-Air!, May 24, 2006
Season 4 had some major changes to the show. First off, Vivian is played by Daphne Maxwell-Reid (Tim Reid's Wife) and also Little Nicky Banks comes into the picture, at least it gives this show the best last 3 seasons of the show. Here are the...

Still great, despite changes, October 20, 2006
First, my two complaints about this DVD collection. 1) Daphne Maxwell Reid is not half the Vivian that her predecessor was. In fact, I find that the new Vivian gets on my nerves. She is not the same character as she was in the past. They may as well...

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AC Repair Miami, FL - 1-786-991-0208 - AC Service Repair Miami Florida

Call 1-786-991-0208 to get your air conditioner fixed 24/7 in Miami FL. AC Repair - Emergency AC Repair Miami Florida. Get y...


Chilton's guide to air conditioning repair and service
Chilton's guide to air conditioning repair and service
Published by Chilton Book Co 1985
ISBN 0801975808,9780801975806
560 pages
A comprehensive guide to automotive air conditioning systems details basic diagnostic, service, and repair techniques for domestic cars, light trucks, and popular import models made between 1982 and 1985, with wiring and vacuum schemetics

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We have such a beautiful day today. We stayed in the school field right after the kids got out from school. Our air conditioning ran on and off today which reminds me that we are due to clean all our vents again to make sure that there are no trapped dust build up inside it. I hope that our air.


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zazzle_profilecard by ImageAustralia

Cool Ice Frost on Frozen Glass Background, Photo, Professional Business Card, ideal for a Cooling Technician, Refridgeration Expert, Air Conditioner / Conditioning Servicing, Auto Car Air Con Service Engineer, Cold Storage, Air Conditioned...

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Climate control business cards with modern colorful blue abstract design and two side layout that works well for business card themes related to air conditioning service and repairs, heating systems, air duct cleaning, parts and service.


Questions & answers

dalejrfan058 dalejrfan058 says:
What causes the air to blow hot from a 1992 Toyota camry?
I have a 1992 toyota camry. I had the air conditioner serviced and it was blowing cold air. The next day it was hot air. Does it have a leak and if so where could it be leaking from
Win S says:
Is it blowing HOT hot, like the heaters on? If so, it sound like the air diverter in the air box under the dash is selected to run the air through the heater core (like the temp selector is pushed...

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Big John's Appliance Repair, 42nd Ave. S. and 35th St., Minneapolis. Once there was a time when people would actually have their washers, dryers, TVs, even shoes repaired when they broke down. Now it seems cheaper...
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